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Central function to manage site titles

Here is my prefered way to keep control of the site’s title\headline. WordPress pulls the according text via conditional tags so you can extend it to your requirements. It also works with custom post types.

 * Snippet Name: Central function to manage site titles
 * Snippet URL: https://wpcustoms.net/snippets/central-function-to-manage-site-titles/
  function wpc_title() {
  if (is_home()) {
    if (get_option('page_for_posts', true)) {
      return get_the_title(get_option('page_for_posts', true));
    } else {
      return __('Latest Posts', 'wpc');
  } elseif (is_archive()) {
    $term = get_term_by('slug', get_query_var('term'), get_query_var('taxonomy'));
    if ($term) {
      return apply_filters('single_term_title', $term->name);
    } elseif (is_post_type_archive()) {
      return apply_filters('the_title', get_queried_object()->labels->name);
    } elseif (is_day()) {
      return sprintf(__('Daily Archives: %s', 'wpc'), get_the_date());
    } elseif (is_month()) {
      return sprintf(__('Monthly Archives: %s', 'wpc'), get_the_date('F Y'));
    } elseif (is_year()) {
      return sprintf(__('Yearly Archives: %s', 'wpc'), get_the_date('Y'));
    } elseif (is_author()) {
      $author = get_queried_object();
      return sprintf(__('Author Archives: %s', 'wpc'), $author->display_name);
    } else {
      return single_cat_title('', false);
  } elseif (is_search()) {
    return sprintf(__('Search Results for %s', 'wpc'), get_search_query());
  } elseif (is_404()) {
    return __('Not Found', 'wpc');
  } else {
    return get_the_title();